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UCP does not conduct nor fund clinical research, however the following organizations provide information on cerebral palsy and other disability research and statistics:

Cerebral Palsy Collaborative

Cerebral Palsy Collaborative logo

UCP is a proud member of the Cerebral Palsy Collaborative, a diverse and volunteer network of existing cerebral palsy related organizations who represent: individuals with CP, their families, caregivers, researchers, physicians and therapists. The Cerebral Palsy Collaborative provides a unified voice of cerebral palsy related organizations to strategically affect mutually agreed upon research, education, awareness, support and public policy initiatives for the benefit of individuals with cerebral palsy across the lifespan.


Cerebral Palsy Research Network

Cerebral Palsy Research Network logo

The CP Research Network is the largest and most comprehensive collaboration of hospitals and community members working together to improve health outcomes for people with CP. They host the largest community and clinical registries in the US to gather robust and comprehensive data for research. The focus of research and consumer educational content is on the health and wellness outcomes that people with cerebral palsy value most. CP Research Network includes the entire community in the research process, the development of education materials and the implementation of current clinical care pathways.


National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS)

NINDS logo

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke is an Institute within the National Institutes of Health that aims to seek fundamental knowledge about the brain and nervous system and to use that knowledge to reduce the burden of neurological disorders. NINDS produces strategic plans and reports that coordinate and report on research activities and advances across the Institute.


CDC Disability and Health Data System

Disability and Health Data System logo

DHDS allows you to browse for data about disability, psychological distress, and disability-associated health care expenditures. Data can be viewed in interactive maps and in data tables that can be customized or downloaded.


Annual Disability Statistics Compendium

Disability Statistics and Demographics logo

The Annual Disability Statistics Compendium, Annual Disability Statistics Supplement, and State Reports for County-level Data are web-based tools that pool disability statistics published by various federal agencies together in one place. When working on legislative and other matters relating to people with disabilities, the Compendium, Supplement, and State Reports make finding and using disability statistics easier.


World Health Organization (WHO) Disability and Health Fact Sheet

World Health Organization

In order to improve access to health services for people with disabilities internationally, the WHO guides and supports Member States to increase awareness of disability issues, promotes the inclusion of disability as a component in national health policies and programs, and facilitates data collection and dissemination of disability-related data and information.

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