Community Living

UCP of Georgia offers a range of community living options to enable adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live in residential settings which best meet their individual choices and needs. These options are designed to help individuals become as independent as possible and enjoy full access to all aspects of community life. UCP community living options include:

Single Family Homes 

UCP of Georgia operates fifty-six single family community homes throughout Georgia. These two to four-person residences enable individuals to live in their desired communities with peers in single family homes located in stable, safe neighborhoods.

The homes offer each individual his/her own room and a full range of opportunities for active community participation. UCP of Georgia’s skilled and supportive staff members are present around the clock to assist each individual in attaining personal goals.

Our homes have a life-changing impact for many adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, who are able to become active and contributing members of their communities, many of them for the first time in their lives.

Host Homes

UCP provides residential support through partnerships with “host” homes. In this program, UCP offers quality assurance oversight, monitoring and support for host families who have been subject to background screenings, home inspections and training. These host homes provide a smaller, family-like setting for one or two people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and are often a good option for individuals who prefer to live in a smaller home.

Supported Living

The supported living program is available for persons who have the desire and skill level for independent living. These individuals live in an apartment or home of their own, with UCP staff members providing support to each person based on their preferences, needs and desires.

This style of community living enables individuals who have only intermittent needs for support to gain higher degrees of choice and control of their lives. Staff assistance is flexible and scheduled in order to meet the unique needs of each person served.

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