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March is Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month! Cerebral Palsy awareness month was created by nonprofit Reaching For The Stars (RFTS). It began as a way to bring attention to the fact there was little to no research for cerebral palsy, despite CP being the most common motor disability in children. It has since evolved into a major awareness and advocacy event.rolex replica

This year, RFTS merged with the Cerebral Palsy Foundation and together they’ve teamed up to make an even greater impact for CP Awareness Month. Their campaign is all about going green, celebrating the top influencers in the community, and taking an action to change attitudes towards people with CP. The website gives you direct action to take and educates people about CP and how to change perspectives.

United Cerebral Palsy of Georgia is proud to support this annual awareness effort as we continue our work to positively impact a Life Without Limits for people with disabilities. Learn more about #CPawareness by following our social media channels on Facebook and Twitter.