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At UCP, we are settling into the temporary new normal of work operations in support of the prevention of community spread of COVID-19. As we all move through this together, here are some recent updates:

  • While Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has been challenging to acquire, we have built a supply to aid us in maintaining health and safety. We aim to store the PPE items used for the care of an actively ill person (respiratory masks, gowns, bonnets) and will only use them if we experience a localized outbreak. Otherwise, cloth face coverings and disposable surgical masks are being distributed now to all home locations in accordance with the CDC’s most recent guidance.
  • Our leadership team continues to meet (virtually) several times weekly to review the most current CDC recommendations and implement plan changes as needed.
  • Direct Support Professionals are working hard every single day in support of our mission. Their strength and resilience in a time of such uncertainty is awe inspiring. In addition to their normal job duties, they are working hard with other program teams to facilitate video chats and extra phone calls between those we support and their friends and family while in-person visits are suspended.
  • Our human resources team continues to recruit, hire, and train new team members all while shifting in-person encounters to safely distanced, protected conditions.
  • Next week, we will be testing a new format for live online Question and Answer sessions with a panel of senior UCP leaders to facilitate real time communication.

We remain eternally grateful for your support of UCP of Georgia. Please reach out with any questions or concerns.